Engineering & IT Services

Engineering Services

ITI’s senior leadership has formed strong and diverse partnerships with some of the world’s finest and most respected sensor Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in various intelligence gathering disciplines. These relationships, coupled with years of industry and military operational experience, bring to our customers extensive product application, analysis and technical knowledge of leading sensor systems and related technical solutions.

Other ITI Solutions services include; Technology Export Control Support, Contractor Logistics Support (CLS), and Technical Consulting Services including the Development of Operational CONOPs to protect National Security Interests domestically and abroad; in critical operations such as Counter-Terrorism, Narcotics Trafficking, and Border Security programs.

ITI Solutions maintains strategic relationships with U.S. and foreign government agencies and their representatives. This is the product of our involvement with various US State Department and DoD domestic and abroad sponsored programs.

ITI has been involved in ISR  programs in support of the International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) Bureau of the US State Department, the Colombian Anti-Narcotics Police, and to NORTHCOM under the Counter Narcoterrorism Technology Program Office (CNTPO) program in support of the Mexican Air Force for over 16 years. ITI Personnel have been involved in all operational aspects of these programs.

Specific Engineering services include:

  • Research and Development (Aetios Data Management System)
  • Researching the marketplace for Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) intelligence collection payloads
  • Hearability surveys
  • Systems integration
  • Testing and acceptance
  • Around the clock maintenance
  • Host Nation Coordination
  • Quality Control

Information Technology Services

ITI provides Information Technology (IT) solutions to support all stages of customer requirements for technology development, implementation and maintenance of their IT programs.  Our customer support includes Hardware and Software development, Network Maintenance and Enhancement, Information Assurance support, Systems Administration and Network Engineering.

Recent projects include the development and maintenance of a Language Portal, Help Desk support  and Network Administration support to US Air Force programs. ITI was also tasked to design and implement a communications network for the sharing of critical mission data between military aircraft and ground stations in Latin America to support US Drug Interdiction program efforts.

Quality, Innovation, and Integrity serve as the cornerstone of our mission and the foundation of our relationship with our customers.

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Training Services

Ensure individuals have the skills required to successfully perform their duties and achieve desired program results

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Operations Support

Application of the latest technologies to develop products and provide services.